Cape Wind: Final design and engineering phase commences in Nantucket Sound

Too bad the media insists on covering U.S. offshore wind through the lens of politics and ginned-up controversy, because real movement towards getting actual turbines in the water is happening as we speak.

Here’s what reporters should be covering, via Cape Wind:

Cape Wind has commenced a major geotechnical and geophysical survey operation as part of its construction design and engineering process and initial mobilization of the project on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound.

This multi-million dollar offshore program begins tomorrow and will continue through September/October, involving up to 50 scientists, engineers, archaeologists and geologists using specialized vessels.

Cape Wind President Jim Gordon said, “Our geotechnical program this summer on Horseshoe Shoal begins our detailed design engineering and construction phase and will allow us to optimize our project to ensure that Cape Wind will deliver its important clean energy benefits over its design life.”

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